Infographic: The Evolving Value of Open Networking for Data Centers


life cycle value prop


The open network switch model provides unique value to data centers at each stage of the standard life cycle. From planning through expansion, here’s what these flexible, high-performance switches can do for you.

In the planning and architecture phase, open network switches can reduce your capital expenditures, and therefore optimize your available budget.

As you begin to design your data center, the open networking model offers unparalleled freedom of choice. The vendor-agnostic hardware can be paired with a wide range of network OS software options.

When you’re ready to build the new data center you’ve designed, open networking makes it easy. Zero-touch provisioning on all hardware removes complexity and reduces the amount of time before you’re up and running.

The advanced ecosystem of applications with network automation capabilities will enable you to operate and manage your data center network more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before. You will have greater control over your network’s operation through software-defined networking (SDN).

As you look to expand your footprint, you can take advantage of the low-cost scaling that open network switches can offer.

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